Monday, February 28

For Twitter Fans Who Love Sports Too

If you love sports as much as I do, particularly football, then I suggest following these Writers, Editors, & Reporters on Twitter for insight on current & breaking news in the Sports World.

1. Michelle Beadle from ESPN - not only does she tweet the most up-to-date facts in the sports world, she also dishes on herself, her family & celebrities - keeping it interesting for everyone & anyone!/ESPN_Michelle

2. Melissa Jacobs editor of (One of the Top 100 Websites for Women by - An avid football fan like myself, Melissa puts her own exciting twist on the newest reports. Her website includes Top NFL Headlines, Hottest Forum Topics & Special Featured Women!/thefootballgirl

3. Andrea Kremer from NBC/HBO Sports - If there is one woman who knows football, it's Andrea Kremer. She covers every aspect of the sport from player injuries, interviews, play by plays and predictions. She provides good & needed observations & I love it!!/SNFSideline

4. NFL on Fox, The Official Page of Fox Sports & NFL Coverage - Not that this page needs any type of introduction, but for the best overall team & player coverage, it's my "go-to" Twitter page to follow.!/NFLONFOX

5. Drew Rosenhaus NFL Agent - Rosenhaus is great to follow because not only does he tweet about football from an Agent's perspective, he shares his opinion about the current issues going on within the League. Most recently - The Lockout & news of the mediation process between the NFLPA & the Owners!/RosenhausSports

6. PTIShow, Pardon The Interruption, on ESPN - Tony & Mike host this provocative show dedicated specifically to their opinions on the top sports headlines & issues. The 30 minute program is famously entertaining & worth while. Their Twitter page includes segments featured on their show & popular discussions about players, trades, teams etc. currently going on in the sports world.!/PTIShow

7. ESPN - If you want the latest sports news and analysis from the NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, NASCAR, College Football & Basketball, Boxing, MMA, Golf, Tennis & more...then ESPN's Twitter page is at the very top of my list to follow.!/espn

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