Wednesday, March 30

Interview with CU Buff's Tony Clemons

Following the Colorado Buff's 8th spring football practice I got the chance to interview Tony Clemons for

Considering this was my very first interview, I guess worse things could have happened besides the MIC NOT WORKING. Next time i'll leave myself a sticky note that says "TURN ON".
Jokes aside, I was thrilled with how well the interview went. I was really impressed with Tony's easy-going personality and playful sense of humor. He was incredibly professional and very well spoken, and I really admired how much passion he has for the game. One thing that really stood out to me was when he mentioned he was disappointed he didn't reach all of his goals last year. I think that was a huge testament to his character and the type of athlete he is. I strongly believe that the best athletes are the ones who can ignore the hype & push themselves beyond their own expectations and believe there is always room for improvement. 
Clemons also mentioned that "keeping his mouth shut" is one of the changes he is making going into his final season at the college level. He's channeling criticism and the coaching staff's advice in order to improve his game. 

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